Geography Lab

Learning of geography involves a lot of practical knowledge to provide ample opportunity for the students to observe and learn concepts and facts easily.

To ensure the best of learning the Department has maintained a well-equipped lab with weather instruments like rain guage, maps, thermometers, barometers, magnetic compass, globe, standard time indicators.

Various models of Physical Geography are showcased to facilitate the study of the subject and enhance the comprehension of students. The various methods and techniques in practical cartography, including computer cartography are exhibited for the benefit of the students.

Quantitative techniques and statistical techniques, field survey method, geography informatics compressing techniques such as remote sensing, GIS, GPS, spatial information system. The graphic aids are powerful medium for teaching and learning. It includes pantograph, flash and strips and pictures.

The Department also organize field trips for the students to study the natural resources and human interactions. According to the prescribed syllabus of University of Lucknow, the Department conducts all the practicals, including cartography and instrumental survey.

Instrumental Survey instruments include:

  • Chain Tape Survey sets,
  • Plane Table survey sets
  • Prismatic Survey sets
  • Dumpy level Survey Sets
  • Clinometer survey sets