IGNOU Study Center

The Indira Gandhi National Open University was established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 with main objectives of democratizing higher education by taking it to the doorstep of the learners, providing quality education to all irrespective of age, religion, region and gender, offering need based academic programmes – Professional and Vocational Orientation. IGNOU is one of the largest government distance learning universities in India that is known for its quality education. The degrees granted by IGNOU are valid and recognized all over India.
The Learner’s Study Centre of our College (27217) started in the year 2015 with the main aim of providing professional and vocational courses to students in our own College campus. The emphasis is on providing a wide choice of courses, both Short-Term and Long-Term Programmes leading to Certificate, Diplomas and Degrees which were conventional as well as innovative and add value to their credentials. The increasing enrolment in itself is evidence of fulfilment of the aim with which it was initiated. Learner’s Counsellor Interaction is the key factor for successful completion of Academic Program.

Courses Available

The IGNOU Study Centre at the college provides 7 Certificate, 6 Diplomas, 7 Degree Courses and it regularly organises the Counselling Session both for theory and practical in the courses concerned. There are two admission cycles for the various programmes. Initially, the centre at Avadh Girls’ Degree College was started as first ‘all women’ Centre of Lucknow and SC/ ST/ OBC/ Transgenders were provided free education in all the Courses. Now it is open for both Men and Women. The study centre of the college provides online and offline facilities for submission of assignments, counselling sessions and other learner support centric activities. Our Centre provides wonderful support to learners so that they can easily carry-on studies with their jobs or from home. Wishing all the learners and counsellors best of the academic success.
In July Cycle of year 2021, 211 Learners got enrolled in various programmes: BSCANH- 6, CDM- 18, CNM- 9, CRD- 16, MAAN-18, MAAN2- 21, MAPY- 6, MAPY 2- 11, MARD- 6, MARD2- 13, PGDDM- 10, PGDRD- 37, PGDT- 40. And in January Cycle 2022 a total of 100 Learners were inducted in IGNOU: BASOH- 1, BSCANH- 6, CDM- 3, CRD- 2, DCE- 5, MAAN-18, MAPY- 7, MARD- 4, PGDDM- 21, PGDRD- 1, PGDT- 32.

People Associated
Name Designation
Prof. Bina Rai Principal
Dr Upma Chaturvedi Coordinator, IGNOU SC 27217
Dr Preeti Awasthi Assistant Coordinator, IGNOU SC 27217
Mr R. G. Yadav Office Assistant, IGNOU SC 27217