Bachelor of Commerce

The B.Com., classes, ever since its inception in 2001 at Avadh Girls’ Degree College, has shown meteoric rise in term of influx of students so much so that another section was introduced in the next year. The reasons are not far-fetched to seek but for excellent results at the University Examination, culmination of good teaching by adequate qualified staff besides ambient atmosphere due to teacher taught interaction. Further, in order to enhance mental horizon in terms of commerce education and what holds for them in future. The interaction is made out with eminent people as and when feasible. The stress on extra curricular activities is for the sake of personality development and vision. The future for Commerce Education is bright due to rapid increase in Industrialisation Trade and Commerce. This has led to an increase in demand for professionals, our College gives a platform to their further studies, making it the most sought-after College for Women’s Commerce Education.